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As a child of the 70s, I grew up with saturday morning cartoons and the Sunday comics page in the newspaper.  From an early age, I wanted to have the next great newspaper comic strip. I would spend hours drawing classic characters like Garfield, Snoopy, and Bugs Bunny and creating my own comic strips after school. Through high school and college I created several strips that failed to gain the attention of syndicates. (I still have the stack of rejection letters!) Then, the unexpected happened...the internet! In the early 90s, the rise of the internet slowly killed the comics page and my dream of becoming the next great cartoonist faded. For several years I worked with children and teens in the church setting, then moved into public school, teaching middle school social studies for several years. However, my desire for drawing cartoons never went away. I created cartoons in the evenings slowly building a client base that I was able to put to use in 2004.  I quit teaching and started a freelancing career. Cartoons, illustrations, logos, mascots were among the jobs I would contract.

Evenutally, I moved into children's book illustrations. One by one, the projects would come in requiring illustrations for self-published authors. Now, I've written several children's books of my own and continue to illustrate for authors all over the world.

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